7-Zip Alternatives Download Similar File Archiving Softwares For Free

7-Zip Alternatives: 7-zip is an application primarily used for compressing files and created by Igor Pavlov, 7-Zip is an open source file archiver. 7-Zip began in 1999 and uses its own official archiving format 7z. Additionally, it has the ability to read as well as write other archive formats. The program can be used with window based cell integration, from a graphical user interface or a command line interface. p7zip is also available, which is a cross – platform version of the command line utility.


The Best Alternatives Of 7 Zip Are Listed Below:


WinRAR :

WinRAR is considered a powerful manager for archives. It has the ability to reduce the size of email attachments, backup the data, decompress ZIP, RAR, and other files which have been downloaded from the internet and creating new archives. Before purchasing, a trial version of WinRAR can be used by potential buyers. After the expiry of the trial period, the program begins to pop up a window for buying it, every time rar, zip, etc files are opened. But, the software can still be used.

Note – WinRAR does not have a GUI compatible with OS X. Only the WinRAR command line tool is compatible with OS X.

PeaZip :

PeaZip is another open source freeware, which has been created by Giorgio Tani. It supports Linux, Windows, and BSD. Its native PEA archive format is supported by PeaZip which features compression, integrity check schemes, flexible authenticated encryption and multi – volume split. It also supports other mainstream formats and has a special focus on handling open formats. As of version 5.8.0, 188 file extensions were supported by PeaZip.

The Unarchiver :

Created by Dag Agre, the Unarchiver is a more capable replacement for the built – in archive unpacker application in Mac OS X, “BOMArchiveHelper.app”. It has been designed to handle more formats and fits in better with the Finder design. Also, file names in foreign character sets can be handled by it, which are created using non – English versions of other OS. Many file formats like TAR, ZIP, GZIP, RAR, BZIP2, LHA, 7z and StuffIt are supported. This is achieved by use of the libxad unarchiving library.

Note – The Unarchiver requires users to unzip files in a folder. On the other hand, while using 7-Zip, users can simply open a preview of the zipped folder, pull out files and make required edits. They can then simply close the program to rezip it.

WinZip :

This is a proprietary file compressor and archiver, allowing users to easily compress and decompress files, email zipped files and encrypt zipped files. Natively, it used the ZIPX and ZIP formats but supports various others as well.

BandiZip :

A 100% free archiver for office and home use, it supports all common compression formats. Additionally, it has a nice, very lightweight interface. There are no advertisements and it is frequently updated. Users are enabled to create multi – volume (split) archive files as well as self – extracting files (.exe). The main advantage is its support for the Unicode file system. Non – English characters in file names are also displayed in a proper manner and extraction is done without breaking of international characters.

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