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7 zip for windows 10: Some years ago, there were a less number of computer applications and for each and every task to be performed there were specific tools.As the days passed, all the tasks such as archiving files, image viewing etc can be performed only with one special tool.In this article, we are going to discuss 7 zip tool for windows 10 that is used for compressing and decompressing the files.7 zip is a great free compression and archiving tool which also works with the RAR format files and uses the 7z archive format.With its 7z archive format, you are allowed to create self-extracting archives.This has the highest compression rate as it supports all the formats such as ZIP, RAR, CAB, TAR, GZIP, CPIO, RBM and much more.It comes with a good user interface including powerful command line for advanced users.You can use the 7 zip in two ways where the first one is to work with compressed files through the file manager and fire up the main program window.The second way of using is, you need to use the context menu so that you will be allowed to access a key set of options by right clicking on the files.

Download 7 Zip For Windows 10:

7 zip download for windows 10
                                7 zip for windows 10

In general, most of the compression tools doesn’t have the option of creating a new compressed archive and then adding the files.You need to select the each and every file, then you are allowed to compress them.The various options corresponding compression of files may confuse the beginners.The default settings of the 7 zip may work fine for most of the users but the options such as password protected archive would definitely be a challenging task for some users.So,y ou must be aware of the context menu of 7 zip which makes the user feel comfortable.If you want to archive the files then select the one or more files in windows and right-click will assist you to archive those files easily with few steps.If in case you want to send the compressed files through E-mail then this software will definitely give you the right guidance and also saves your time.The main disadvantage of this tool is, by default, it doesn’t have the icons in context menus also the interface of the main program is inadequate.Another disadvantage is the menus are plugged with the keyboard shortcuts which is really a complicated one.

7 zip download for windows 10
             7 zip  for windows 10

Features Of 7Zip Download For Windows:

  1. It is very easy to use and also you can simply compress, decompress the files.
  2. Even though your computer has larger hard drives,7 zip is needed to save the memory of the files by reducing the size.
  3. As we use the internet in order to send and receive the compressed files the time will be saved.
  4. Encryption and password protected features of the 7 zip will provide you the security for the files.
  5. You are allowed to make self-extracting compressed archives.
  6. You can send the self-extracting compressed archives to anyone even they don’t have the tool on their PC.
  7. You can backup the important data that have the hard disk space and secure the data using 7 zip tool.
  8. It works very fast and small in size also it supports creating the various types of compressed files such as TAR, B ZIP2, and 7Z.
  9. You can even decompress the files to the different formats like RAR, RPM, ISO, LZH, AR, ARJ, NSIS and much more.
  10. This has very impressive compression rate.
  11. It has 4GB of variable dictionary size.
  12. It has compression speed around 1MB per second on 2GHZ CPU.
  13. It supports multi-threading.
  14. Decompression speed is around 10-20MB per second.
  15. The code size for decompression is about 5KB which is very small.
  16. It requires the small size of the memory for decompression.
  17. It uses the 7Z format for compression and decompression.

How To Install 7 Zip For Windows 10 PC:

  1. Initially, visit the official website of 7 zip and download the file accordingly from the website. or else you can download the file by clicking on the link below.
  2. After downloading the file, search for the .exe file where it was downloaded.
  3. Run the .exe file to start the installation process and click on install button over there.
  4. Within seconds the installation will be completed, hold on for some time until it gets completed.
  5. After installation, unpack the .rar file by right clicking on it and then click on extract.
  6. That’s it the installation is completed and now you can use the tool for compressing, decompressing the files as well as you can send those files to anyone through mail.

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